Ruthie: Replacing side panels and making a bumper

The transmission oil cooler with the stainless steel plumbing.

 The new side wall sheet metal has been formed, wheel wells cut in and the gas door added.

The panels have been drilled for rivets, but we are gluing the panels too. This is the reason for the straps to hold pressure until the glue sets.

The front nose panel could not be saved. Chris and Mario are fabricating a new one using the English Wheel.

The panel has a compound curve, so it takes a while to coax the metal into shape.

Not quite finished yet, but getting closer. There is about 14 hours labor in this panel so far.

Since the original rear bumper and skirting was damaged or missing, Pete decided he would like a rolled rear pan. The bracket mounted below the body are the supports for the rear pan.

The material is cut and formed to fit support brackets.

The center section required fabricating a new frame member to weld the support brackets to. The center pan is shown below.

It require a lot of tack welding to get the pieces tied together without warping.

The new rear bumper has been rolled and now jigged up for fitment