Ruthie: Cummins and an Allison 3000


The decision to use a Cummins 6.7 from a pick up with an Allison 3000 from a motor home became quite a problem.  After receiving parts and pieces from Cummins, it became clear Cummins had no clue to what we were doing.  After quite a search and finding a Cummins 5.9 bell housing mated to the large Allison seemed to be the answer.  WRONG!  Although the dowel pins were in the right location all the bolts weren't. The bolt holes were fitted with round stock, welded, and refaced.  Then new holes were drilled in the proper location.  Thank goodness it was aluminum.

Once the engine could be mounted to the trans, the whole package could be lifted into place.

Now the engine, transmission are in place and mounts can be fabricated.

Once the engine and transmission package is located where the fan needs to be, the driveline will determine where the rear end needs to be. Now the motor mounts can be fabricated. The bell housing mounts were built using 1/2" plate and will support the bulk of the weight.

The mount on the cradle is fabricated to match the bell housing mount.

This mount is for the original Dodge engine side motor mount.

The engine now rests in the cradle. The bell housing mount will be trimmed a bit to clear the exhaust coming out of the turbo.