Ruthie: Transmission, Steering Box, Stainless mirror finished panels

Replacing the old manual steering box to a modern power unit is pretty straight forward. An Isuzu NPR truck box is a good candidate to refit. The pitman arm is the right configuration, except the ball in the wrong size and side of the arm. What we did was replace the NPR ball with the Flxible ball and reverse it in the process.

The NPR ball shaft is tapered while the Flx ball shaft is straight. We machine the arm, insert the proper size bushing, weld it up.

Now the Flx ball shaft can be inserted on the proper side and ready for install. The box itself has an adapter plate with corresponding mounting bolts and welded to the chassis. Plumb the steering box to the power steering pump and now a fine steering feel.

The Isuzu power steering box is mounted to the chassis.

The new tilt and telescoping column with the new banjo steering wheel is mounted.

The u-joints that connect the column to the steering box.

A new air brake treadle and electronic throttle are installed.

The stainless trim panels have been formed using No.8 mirror finish.

The panels are bonded to the side panels and clamped to set.

These panel will receive polished ss machine screws to maintain the rivet line.

This is the backside of the rear door panels.

With the bumper supports bolted in with a rubber cushion, the bumper is fitted to the supports.