Ruthie: Breaking it down

In 1950 the Flxible was upgraded from the Clipper line to the Visicoach. The main features were a 2 1/2″ raised roof, taller and longer windows and the rear bustle was extended 11″, giving more room for baggage and power plant. The Clipper had a window for each row of seats and the Visicoach had one window for every two rows of seats and 2 1/2″ taller, thus more visibility looking out.

This particular bus began life as a Clipper, and the Visicoach side window frames were inserted at the factory. These pictures show the height difference as the rain gutter has been omitted . The  factory seemed to be able to make  fit what ever parts that were available

As the skin is removed, we find the extent of the damage that time and rust can cause. Each wheel well has it’s on set of issues to be repaired.

Ruthie Cleans up Well

Once the skins and floor are removed, we get a chance to clean all the rust and other unknown substances from the metal.


There are a lot of areas to reach, so we hoist it high with the forklift.  Even though it seems a daunting task, it is refreshing to see how much metal is in great shape.  The window panels cleaned and primed with epoxy, now the repair work to be done doesn't look as bad.