Ben's Bus: Cylinders

The leveling cylinders pump unit mounted in a stainless steel enclosure that mounts up in the chassis with a drop down feature for servicing.  Dave is supporting the cabinet that will be mounted to the chassis. The drop down panel will support the pumps and reservoir for two cylinders.  Pumps and reservoir in the drop down mode.  Another angle of pumps, one seen minus the foot.   View from the top, frame rail is on the left with the cylinder attached.  Another view with the frame rail on the right.  The complete package can be unbolted and replaced from the bottom.   The rear pair of pumps in the drop down mode.  The engine exhaust has a heat shield attached as the reservoirs are plastic.  Flex hose is used to allow for the vertical drop, then connects to stainless steel hard lines to cylinders. It requires two lines per cylinder, these are for the rear.  This is the hard line connected to the cylinder.  Rear pump assemblies are in the up and 'ready to travel' location.  Rear pump assemblies in the service location.  The exhaust pipe is removed for clarity.