Ben's Bus: Update

The hole created for the generator. This masonite box was made to ease the fitment of the generator mounts.  The genset just fits between the chassis rails. The genset with cover removed, Onan Cummins 3 cylinder diesel. Nothing is too good for Ben's Bus.  The air ride brackets with the air springs mounted. Very nice little springs.  The generator not to be 'heard or felt'. Stainless Steel exhaust. Generator with exhaust on the right, leveling cylinder pump is on the left.  A whole lot of 'packaging' going on here. The generator compartment with the air spring brackets.  The air springs will ride on top of these brackets.  The air manifold that distributes the air to the air springs.  There is a regulator with a gauge and a cut off valve. The Stainless Steel tubing supplies hydraulic fluid to the leveling cylinders.