1959 Fleetside: Upholstery

The upholstery was stitched up by Dan and Stephanie Matney of Bridgeport Texas. The ultra leather feels as good as it looks.

1959 Fleetside: Corvette Suspension

Front crossmember for the C-4 Corvette front suspension.

 Kit parts for C-4 rear suspension.


 Four bar brackets for rear suspension.

 Rear view of rear suspension



 Left view.

 Right side view.


Installing the front cross member.

Front cross member installation.



 Front suspension installed.

Rolling chassis


Rear view

Front view


1959 Fleetside: Removing the rust

This page will document the conversion of a '59 Fleetside pickup to C-4 Corvette front and rear suspension







 This truck was pretty solid, very little rust.

 Big window cab, short bed, most desirable body style














 Parts blasted and primed.

 Pretty good sheetmetal






 All parts are now clean and ready to repair and prime.

 Frame is blasted, primed and set up at ride height on frame jig


1959 Fleetside: Wheel house and door latches

Widening the wheel house. The picture on the right is stock width, the picture on the left is the replacement to add 3" to the width.

  New section in place


Welded up, ready to be finished.

Adding new frame horns, the original frame was damaged in collision.

Test fit front clip


Checking panel fit.

Checking door fit

Laying out the door panel for rotary latches.

Marking the door for cut out.



Door cut out, these latches work so much

better than the original.

A bit more trimming,

Panel and latch mounted.




Latch pin mounts in stock holes. Well thought out assembly.

 Engine installed, motor mounts fabbed, steering shaft fitted .

 Front view.