Ben's Bus: The Dashboard

Machine turning or damascening a panel for the dash.   The dash after the gauges were added.   The engine and transmission control wiring.  

Ben's Bus: Water Tanks

Fresh water tank, internal baffles shown, skip welded 12 gauge stainless steel.  Side panel to be welded next.  That's a lot of water.  Same tank, different angle.  Now you can see how much welding it takes.   Welded, tested, and ready to install.  Top view of installed tanks.  These are the tank covers with 3/8" diameter stand offs that are 3/4" long to accommodate the insulation.   The insulation covers installed.  Insulation covers with hinged access panels.  The insulation is visible when the access panel is open, this cavity will house the grey and black water dumbs. 

Ben's Bus: Getting down to the frame

The fuel tank installed.  The crossmember show will have to be strengthened.  With the floor removed the fuel tank will be a snug fit.   The box at the bottom of the picture is basement storage which will have to be removed.  With the floor removed there isn't much to hang these tanks on.  As if the frame wasn't weak enough these holes in the main frame flange were drilled at the factory for water heater lines.  The cross members are 2 " square tubing with full web gusseting.  Cross members  completed.  C channel frame member formed and primed.   These will be frame doublers.   Frame doublers welded in, frame flange repaired, cross members finished in primer.  This frame is ready for the load that will be added. 

Ben's Bus: Cylinders

The leveling cylinders pump unit mounted in a stainless steel enclosure that mounts up in the chassis with a drop down feature for servicing.  Dave is supporting the cabinet that will be mounted to the chassis. The drop down panel will support the pumps and reservoir for two cylinders.  Pumps and reservoir in the drop down mode.  Another angle of pumps, one seen minus the foot.   View from the top, frame rail is on the left with the cylinder attached.  Another view with the frame rail on the right.  The complete package can be unbolted and replaced from the bottom.   The rear pair of pumps in the drop down mode.  The engine exhaust has a heat shield attached as the reservoirs are plastic.  Flex hose is used to allow for the vertical drop, then connects to stainless steel hard lines to cylinders. It requires two lines per cylinder, these are for the rear.  This is the hard line connected to the cylinder.  Rear pump assemblies are in the up and 'ready to travel' location.  Rear pump assemblies in the service location.  The exhaust pipe is removed for clarity.

Ben's Bus: Making a Gas Tank

Fuel tank formed using 12 gauge stainless steel.  140 US gallon tank.  The drop down area fits around the aisle way.  Multiple tank outlets for engine supply and return, generator supply and return, and diesel fired supply and return.  A lot of welding but finally complete.  There will be a fresh water tank, a grey water tank, and a black water tank.  Total tank capacity exceeds 6000 lbs.  The frame will require beefing up.  Sending unit on diesel fuel tank.  Sending unit on inside fuel tank. Pressure testing and ready for installation.

Ben's Bus: Update

The hole created for the generator. This masonite box was made to ease the fitment of the generator mounts.  The genset just fits between the chassis rails. The genset with cover removed, Onan Cummins 3 cylinder diesel. Nothing is too good for Ben's Bus.  The air ride brackets with the air springs mounted. Very nice little springs.  The generator not to be 'heard or felt'. Stainless Steel exhaust. Generator with exhaust on the right, leveling cylinder pump is on the left.  A whole lot of 'packaging' going on here. The generator compartment with the air spring brackets.  The air springs will ride on top of these brackets.  The air manifold that distributes the air to the air springs.  There is a regulator with a gauge and a cut off valve. The Stainless Steel tubing supplies hydraulic fluid to the leveling cylinders.

Ben's Bus: Prevost

This page has photos regarding the re-power of Ben's Prevost.  This is how it came to us except the motor was on the trailer.   'THIS PICTURE' is the left side motor mount.  Air mounted motor mount.  Motor mount with gusset, not too strong.  There needs to be some steel to mount to. 

This shows the front of the engine mount. Mounting pad with tubing crossmember, left side. Right side. 1/2" plate motor mount. Main frame extension.  This looks strong enough.